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Nothing short of Self-Realization is the goal of Inner Sakthi Yoga Teacher Training.

Shri Param Eswaran and Tantra Teacher TrainingSri Devanayagi host of the Tantra Teacher Training
Your Host Shri Param Eswaran and Sri Devanayagi

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Of course, much depend on you as the seeker and on your active participation in the program. Taking the step to be in the training does not automatically make you as active participant, but holding a strong intend through out the training is very crucial. Over the years, we have realized that it would take a year or more for a seeker to be ready to Teach Tantra effectively.

The training in Malaysia and India is Atma-Bodha or Self-Awareness, a very special quality of consciousness in which, your Divinity reflects in the egoist consciousness and the entire behavior and relationships will significantly alter. With our training, the ego will be able to establish with much clarity its relationship with your Inner Beauty. Over time, your Inner-Self begins to take greater charge of your life. The various mundane experiences gathered during the course if several incarnations are distilled and pure wisdom is taken out of them. Then your rational mind can recognize the presence of some universal energy sweetly guiding your life. Over time, you will be purified, and the storms of passing events, which disturbed the placid waters of tranquility completely, subside. There is a new beginning, a new realization that opens the gates of higher spiritual downpour. It cleanses the heart and gives enormous flow of the life force when you become detached individuals.

Within days of being at the training, you will have a glance of your Inner Beauty,

The training is for 12 months and even if you stop in the middles of the training, you will not come to any harm. Only your progress is delayed. In Ones spiritual journey, there are many pitfalls. The baser emotions may hold sway or the ego may interfere at each stage. The knowledge gained in your now will make you take the thread of your practice in the next birth and will continue to give the necessary push to your soul on its onward journey.

The past life experiences are generally registered at birth in the Navel area, and are responsible for our present emotional trauma. Our present emotional traumas are registered at a cellular level. During the first three months, our Master with the assistance of Sri Devanayagi will help you remove all your past emotional memories, thus freeing your heart to feel the joy of living. The process of cleansing will take you into the discovery of the Maha Vidyas. Even one-step forward in the path of these Vidyas goes a long towards ones goal. Connecting with the Vidyas will not go in vain. In fact, Tantra categorically declares that only those who have been sufficiently prepared in the previous births can approach the grounds of these Vidyas. For them are the chosen ones, people with a mission, and the untiring toilers on the uphill path of these disciplines of knowledge. IFC center is the only Maha Vidya temple in Tamil Nadu, another in Kerala and the rest in the very north of India. Those who are drawn to explore what we teach must have had the necessary preparation, and in this birth, needs to be reintroduced to the path, be it an India or a western person.

In Tantra metaphysics, the human individual is often described as a unity between Atma or the Universal Spirit, and the personality of the individualized physical self. The Universal spirit, the impersonal life-essence, is the one, which is popularly called the Atman, which is beyond the limitations and restrictions of evolutionary impetus. In everyday life, the eternal or the permanent essence if a human being is often strikes the note of conscience and gives to some individualized life particles as well. Atman is one extreme of a human individual with all its subtlety and universal nature. It does not accumulate any experience, but always radiates beneficence. The direction in One’s life, in its basic impulse, comes from the central spark in the individual.

The other extreme in a human being is the personality or the physical self, which is made of various chemical elements. It has its own volition as well as it is a vehicle of the other constituents of the human being. This physical component of the being is often described as the mansion in which the Atman dwells. In between these two extremes, there is a vast realm of psycho-spiritual-divine force that connects the two to give an integrated wholeness to the individual.

Once this integration is achieved, much of the life’s battle is won and the clarity attained. Unless this unity or the integration is realized, the individual will be in sorrow. In everyday life, one finds that his or her everyday circumstances, psychological motivations and the voice of the inner conscience are not harmoniously blended together; its indicates that the three components of the being need careful synchronization. With this awareness, the individual may have an understanding of the task before him or her in any particular incarnation. This knowledge could produce much satisfaction and enlightenment to the individual.

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