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Maha Vidya Temple

All might Mother Kali

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The Mahavidyas are an important part of the Tantra Teacher Training practices as it is with traditional Tantric practice. Now we have just completed the first stage of the Maha Vidya Temple, first of its kind in South India. The Mahavidyas are an important aspect of Para-Tan sound healing. We have installed Mother Kali, Matangi and Kamalatmika.

All those who take up the Sadhana of this Maha Vidya should be constantly engaged in self-expression as a part of their practice.

Mother Kali will help you remove all intense feelings, feeling that works against your well-being. She is the black serpent lying coiled and asleep in the inner body known as Kundalini Sakthi.

Kali help to remove darkness, and at the same time helps moving all blocked energy in the throat chakra, heart chakra and navel.

Mother Matangi - Goddess of wisdom
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Goddess Matangi is the ultimate expression of the Para Vak. Through her it is possible for human beings to express in speech the highest intuitions without the employment of any of their known mental faculties. You speak through the universal knowledge rather than through your mind. In fact the worshiper of Matangi is assured of such accomplishment. Accomplished writers, skilful orators, inspired poets, marvelous musicians have always a universal appeal because they are all the innumerable rays of the effulgent Matangi in manifestation.

Mother Kamala
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Kamalatmika is the last of the Ten (dasha)  Maha Vidyas, also known as Kamala. The consort of Kamala is Vishnu, the all pervasive principle of preservation. She is the manifestation of consciousness, her beauty and charm is expressed exquisitely. In Tantra she is closely associated with the lotus flower, and also know as the Lotus Lady.

All those who worship harmony and beauty in everything out side as well as in inward activity, movement and feeling are her servitors. She removes their poverty worldly and spiritually and endowers them with riches.

As you can see why we have chosen to have these three Goddess; we need the might of Kali, the wisdom of Matangi and the delight and prosperity of Kamala, to enjoy both spiritual happiness and prosperity

Agni - fire ritual for Mother Kali, Matangi and Kamala
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We perform regular Agni (fire ritual) to purify our body mind and spirit.

Saints of all faith
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Daily we perform Agni Homa (fire ritual) to invoke all the Goddess and all the great Master of all faiths

The Goddess yet to be Installed.

Tara - Word - The Savioress, as Om, as sound and breath, knowledge, and speech

Bhuvaneshwari - Space - Goddess of space, the Queen of the Universe, Maya, power of love, peace within, as void.

Tripura Bhairavi - Energy- Supreme Goddess of speech, as Tapas, as woman warrior. She is closely associated to Rudra another manifestation of Lord Shiva

Bagalamukhi - Stillness - power of silence, Goddess of speech, end to conflict and confusion, Spiritual knowledge, overcome hostile forces.

Chinnamasta - Perception - Going beyond the mind, Ruling over the Divine mind, she act through the human mind and is the sense behind senses. There are five sense of action, and five sense of knowledge, the mind is considered the eleventh sense. It is the inner instrument through which the eye sees, the ear hears and the other senses carry out their function.

Dhumavati - Voidness - The Grandmother Spirit, primordial darkness, the void, the power of suffering. She represents the first and foremost state before creation, as she us the one in the very beginning.

We invite all to be involved in spreading the teaching of the Ten Great Cosmic Powers. The Goddesses are little know by the Spiritual world both in India and abroad, by priesthood and devotees alike.

Till this day our Master and Founder of Para-Tan Healing Shri Param Eswaran has financed the temple project. We now invite 7 others to receive the blessing of these Goddess and also Mother Durga.

The sculptural cost and materials foe each statue will be 10,000 rupees, and to install them it will cost another 4,000, except for Chinnamasta and mother Durga, the sculptural work will be 12,000 rupees.

The average cost per statue will be about

280 Euro or
US $311.
1,222 Ringgit Malaysian

For those who help to install any of the Maha Vidyas, Mother Durga,  Navagraha Nayaki (planetary  Goddess),  Nageshvari Devi or the Serpent Goddess, closely related to Mother Kundalini and Lord Ganapathi. We will offer regular puja in your name, thus providing a field of blessing and protection for the whole family.

We are also planning to install the Navagraha (planets). When we do start the project we will offer our readers to sponsor the installation of the planet of their choice. Write to us with your birth, time, date and place of birth and we would advice you as to which planet would serve you the best.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

The Mahavidya Inner Health Center
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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantra, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube

LOVE IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE and it is only through the light and way of love that we may raise our vibration and reclaim our inner divinity. Para Tan utilizes ancient sacred sounds to break up cellular memory and circulate Shakti aka LOVE aka SOUND through the body. This feeling of love is the orgasmic bliss of cosmic union with divinity within and around us.


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