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Para-Tan Lovemaking  ritualistic dance with Sri Devanayagi and Shri Param Eswaran,
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Sri Devanayagi & Shri Param Eswaran
invites you to Malaysia or India, to explore
Para-Tan Lovemaking and the power of Sound.

The Alchemy of Lovemaking ritualistic dance

This ritualistic dance of union is termed as Mithuna (the pair-body or two-in-one) or Shiva-Sakthi dance. It is, in fact, an interior aspiration to accomplish the alchemical masterpiece of merging the Male - the Solar principle with the Female - the Lunar one in order to become the perfect human being.

Mithuna has nothing in common with sexual orgies. It symbolizes the eternal union of Spirit and Nature and epitomizes the fulfillment of the contemplative love or the spiritualized sexuality, unlike what is popularly considered by unlearned Hindus and Westerners. Sexual act does not occur within Para-Tan sessions, as it is a Lovemaking worship that need not necessarily precedes the sexual act. 

The alchemy of the Lovemaking therefore involves a deep knowledge of one's own sexuality, a total sharing of one's sexual energy and the existence of pure and unconditional love.

Para-Tan Lovemaking can become a profound meditative worship in which the participants become living embodiments of the Divine.

Para-Tan like Tantra Yoga uses a complex symbolism of the subtle human anatomy. The spinal column represents the axis of life, having its roots in the Underworld and its branches in Heaven. The base of the spinal tree is the site of great source of energy, the symbolic image of the divine power (vitality).

Para-Tan lovemaking consists of the awakening of this divine power - Mother Kundalini, as she is highly spirited, she needs controlled ascent from the roots of the spinal tree to the branches. This process defines the spiritual enlightenment and the final liberation of the human Self.

When the Serpent stays at the base of the spinal tree, it manifests as sexual energy; when moving upward, it is called Kundalini when at the top of the tree, it manifests as spirit.

During the Para-Tan ritual, Mother Kundalini is awakened and raised, being eventually directed toward the contemplation of the Divine embodied in woman and man.

Lovemaking need the combined forces of the body, the soul and the spirit as a whole.

For us the importance of these ideas reside less in technical details and more in their psychological value. These ideas represent a highly evolved attitude toward relationship, sexuality and life.

If these ideas would be assimilated by the modern civilization and put to work, they would contribute unexpectedly to clarify our confusions related to marriage and sexuality.

The contemplative Lovemaking makes it possible to spontaneously perceive our relationship with the Universe. The actual "technique" of lovemaking is not primarily important, because here there is no result to attain.

In this approach, both man and woman are spontaneously on the path of self-discovery, without judging or expecting anything in advance, but living passionately that which exists in the moment.

By this, is not only meant the time that is measured in seconds, hours, days, etc., but chiefly a psychic attribute (which could be called a degree of excellence) that allows events to happen in their own time, an inner rhythm that defines a no-hurry attitude. This is a fundamentally essential attitude without which spirituality is impossible.

The Tantric and Taoist modality of no-ego-involvement allows an endless exchange of love 

This approach is much easier for women, due to their basically passive, receptive nature. But once man gets used to this spiritual approach of sexuality, he can prolong lovemaking indefinitely in time, offering to his woman the greatest possible degree of satisfaction and fulfillment, together with a quick and profound path leading to self-discovery and enlightenment.

One of the first steps of the contemplative sexuality is the discovery of the profundity and pleasure of the most simple contacts, which are generally considered either as having little to do with the sexual act or as being preliminary to it.

It is, for example, discovering the beauty of seeing your loved one, of touching him or her, of listening to his or her voice. There is one condition though: do not expect these contacts to lead to anything, do not force them to lead to anything but let them follow their natural course and stay in a state of detached expectancy.

Thus received, the outer and the inner world become charged with an incredible intensity of life, and we perceive ourselves as containing, to a certain degree, the outer reality reflected in our inner world.

Para-Tan can also be called psychic lovemaking, which implies the careful discovery of your Lover. 

During the Para-Tan ritual the most important activity is the continuous act of contemplation - all the rest being secondary from the very beginning.

If this fact is not understood, Para-Tan worship risks becoming a refined snobbishness without any spiritual significance.

It is a pity that the majority of those who start the practice of Tantra (and even many of those who consider themselves advanced) think of it as a skill that will be attained through the practice of certain techniques.

There is nothing to attain! There is no effort, no goal, and no path. The only thing that might require some effort is to give up, to unlearn our prejudices about sexuality. After this has been done, Tantra is what remains.

Tantra is a way of life expounded by Shiva and the Great Mother as fit teachings for the forth-Hindu age, the Kali Age. Era of degeneracy and destruction, the text continues to advice the Sadhaka or Tantric worshipper, on every conceivable subject. Subjects such as cosmology, astrology; different types of men and women, the significance of the chakra, or psychic centers in the body and channels through which the prana or vital life energy flows, method of raising the Kundalini energy. Various types of worship, including mantras and yantras; rituals involving the worship of the Goddess in the form of virgin girls; of yoni-puja or womb worship; the rites of purification to be carried out before sexual worship; position of meditation and sexual practice; prayers to the Goddess and Her consort; basic health care and how to bring up children. 

Tantric yogis, whatever they do, they are aware to keep mind and organs free of emotional, environmental tension, environmental mental pollution and toxins, and maintain a smooth, abundant and balanced flow of universal energy through out the body. That is the secret of good health and long life, goals that all can adapt with a bit of endeavor.

Come to Malaysia and explore the Divine art of Lovemaking.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

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