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We will be offering Healing Circles in the US, Australia and Italy

Emotional Healing at the cellular level.

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Salutations and prostration to my beloved Immortal Soul!, Radiant Children of Light. Greeting to you in the name of Para-Tan. This year our Master had a successful tour of the US and will be in Italy from June to 14th July after that he will tour Malaysia and Australia. offering Para-Tan Sound Healing Circles

Final liberation is attained by the knowledge that the atma (soul)is the witness, is the truth, is omnipresent, is one, free from all deluding distractions of self and not-self, the supreme, and though abiding in the body is not in the body. - Mahanirvana Tantra XIV, 116.

Bija sounds used during healing session. When listening to the sound use a earphone for effective result.

In view of the growing interest in the path of spiritual love, where by we can tune in to the forces of evolution, by awakening our latent spiritual potential. I would enjoy sharing with all, how to flow with the evolutionary process which will eventually elevate our entire world to higher level of existence. In the past few weeks, I have written many articles on Para-Tan, but have yet to given and introduction on the subject. This introduction is intended primarily for those approaching this form of healing for the first time and those who just attended sound healing circles, in the hope that it will help create a deeper understanding of the subject.

“Just as fog before the Sun, ignorance melts away before Knowledge.” Knowledge is acquired by uninterrupted self-inquiry, the inner-self, the reality of the “I”. As you remove the husk that covers the rice, so too the ignorance that adheres to the mind has to be removed by the being always aware if the inner-self, and not act out life by impulse and need.

Modern man and woman are under tremendous pressure, perhaps greater than at any other time in history. Whatever the lifestyle, one seems to move too fast to digest the experiences that take place during each day. The complexity of life has become such that one is emotionally inter woven. The Natural life rhythm simply cannot absorb the constant impact of the multi media, urban living, combined with the many power struggles, which are outside the domain of an individual’s control. To help you change the scenario of LIVE NOW, and unfortunate reaction leading ever faster down the road of disaster, encouraging self-indulgence and excesses on many levels, I have created a center in a remote village in South India, free from modern influence.

Para-Tan Sound healing works with Kundalini Energy that manifest itself in us, in as many ways as the sun has rays. In most persons, it is latent. By using Mantra Sakti, we activate this powerful energy with each sounding. Para-Tan Sound healing can be compared to an electric light dimmer, which, with each turn of the dial, gradually release more power and so increases the light, so does the sounding, increases the energy within with each sounding. With Para-Tan, one does not have to spend long periods of meditation or lots of complicated practices, just being able to receive, is what is needed.

The first stage in Para-Tan Sound healing is becoming aware. It presents a well laid out plan, which encompasses more and more aspect of one’s life. The Kundalini energy that we work with is more like concentric circle, it is ever expanding. There is a vast potential, which lies within each of us, potential of energy, power, heightened perception, awareness. Evolution of each individual must now refer it evolution of consciousness, and of this Para-Tan offers a blueprint of the vast energy circuits in the body to be taped, thus promoting joy and happiness.

The kundalini energy, properly handled and controlled, can become a powerful tool in one’s life. It makes its present felt most of the time accidentally or only in a limited way as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or personal magnetism. Most people who attend Para-Tan sound healing circles have in some way or the other felt this energy, mainly as personal magnetism.

Para-Tan is a new science, a limp of the ancient science of the Universe, called Tantra. It is the common heritage of humanity as it was the way of life in most continence of the world before the Dark Age. Para-Tan is a science that goes beyond the barrier of any particular faith or religion, system or theology, and takes on the nature of spiritual process that is capable of being worked out within the interior of human consciousness irrespective of the personality. This consciousness shines as the universal common factor in all life. It runs as a subtle invisible link to all life through Mother Consciousness.

Para-Tan, by itself, is a term that implies the bringing to an end, human involvement in sorrow and suffering. The life of human here in this universe is characterized by experiences, which he or she does not like, experience which are painful, experience which he or she seeks to avoid but discovers by the time he or she approaches the end of his or her life that they are unavoidable. Pain, sorrow and suffering are part and parcel of what is called earthly living. This earthly life seem inevitable, and yet human all over the world tries to avoid suffering and sorrow, pain and misery, and tries to obtain, somehow or the other, a state of Joy, or Happiness. In this, humans fail. He or she has failed in this ever since the dawn of creation.

The purpose of Para-Tan

The purpose of Para-Tan is to try to restore to humans his or her pristine state of perfect bliss; and this it does by liberating the human individual from his or her over involvement in body, senses and mind. To become liberated from the bondage of pain, thus bringing to an end the union of human’s nature with pain, and fostering Mother Consciousness. How is this cessation of pain brought about, by uniting the consciousness with that which is of the nature of Bliss? By invoking the Divine Mother within all, through the Nadi system, permeate every cell in the body, clearing infected cells within every organ in the body, at the same time activating the Kundalini.

There are seven chakras and in the early stages, if awaken, the chakras is usually perceived as wheels of light or local auras, of various color and sound. Each of them is easily stimulated with varies sounds of the Divine Mother, The Gods and The Planets. It is interesting to note that in acupuncture there is an important point located in the navel called shinketsu point. Here is where the Divine energy flows in and out of the body. Yoga teaching is similar on this point. In Yoga energy is know as Prana, and the prana for the entire physical body enters from the Universe through the kandasthana, a spherical region around the navel. Here prana transforms into physiological energy and distributed throughout the body by way of physical nadis for the maintenance of life. Here I would like to add, that navel piercing can possibly affect this energy flow, and in my work, have found that it does.

The five elements that give birth to the Universe also form the organs in the body and are seated in the chakras. Tantrika teaching views the human beings as a microcosmic copy of the macrocosmic forces.

The first five chakras are connected with the five elements and the cosmic energy plane connected with the chakras. The elements are, 1 earth is seated in the Muladhara chakra. 2. Water is seated in the Svadhisthana chakra. 3. Fire is seated in the Manipura chakra, 4. Air is seated in the Anahata chakra. 5. Akasha is seated in the Visuddha chakra, and they are the five primary principle of consciousness. They constitute a continuum of energy from its most subtle vibratory level to the most dense.

Element are also an important aspect of healing, when imbalanced one becomes uncentered mind trapped by desire, leads to bondages, and in not purified, the I consciousness remains, even after death, ready to return to relearn what has not been learned in the last birth.

For healing to take full effect and long lasting the elements must be balanced. Each year around November, I usually go on a pilgrimage to all the element temples that help me balance the elements within. These five elements pervade all things and underlie their manifest form. The presiding deities of these five realms is Lord Shiva in different forms, in Chidambaram- Lord Siva is worshiped as Sky, in Tiruvanaikkaval - here he is worshiped as water, in Tiruvannamalai - here he is worshiped as fire, in Kanchipuram here he is worshiped as earth, in Sri Kalahasti- here he worshiped as air. These temples are very special, and one can feel the energies of the elements in these temples, when visited as real devoted pilgrims.

Para-Tan is a gift, and this gift been shared with many students in Australia, USA and the Netherlands. This gift cannot be given to anybody, unless a deep love and intimacy exist. One has to be capable to receive such a gift. One has to have faith, love and trust. When the heart is filled with trust and love, then this gift can be received. As instructed by Mother I am here to share her gift, it can be given to you only when you are ready. Your readiness means that doubt should simply disappear from the mind. Doubt must not be suppressed, you should not try to defeat it, because defeated it will remain in you; suppressed, it will remain part of your unconscious and it will be affecting you. Rather then trying to suppress doubt, one must bring more and more energy of trust and love into ones life.

Doubt – Belief – Trust or Faith

Doubt is a negative attitude towards anything.

Belief, is when the mind looks at things positively and tries to find reasons, rationalizations how to support it, how to be for it.

The mind that doubts suppresses belief; the mind that believes suppresses doubt. Thus, both are of the same stuff, the quality is not different.

Faith in not belief for it does not need to find reasoning or justification for it is total. Faith is not belief, because there is no doubt in it, not a rationalization at all, neither for nor against, neither one nor the other. Unconditional love give space for faith to enter your being, thus become a true Divine Healer.

One has to be indifferent to doubt or belief, do not be for doubt or belief or do not be against them as well. Anyone entering the path of Para-Tan must most of all have faith, for this is science of life, not what the mind can define.

As this science is new to the world, it has to be learned from a master who know and mantras, and Goddess worship, and then applying the principle to my work. The master that you decide to learn from must know all the 43 Goddess within the Sri Chakra, the Mahavidyas, the Vidyas, the elements and the Planets, for all of them have to dance in Harmony within you, for total healing and Joy.

As the founder of this science, I do not imply that all should come to me, but coming to me, you get direct instructions. As all Tantric science, Para-Tan so far has been handed down by word of mouth. While it is can be very safely used with the guidance of a Master, and can be dangerous when experimented, for it can activate the Kundalini energy. When you are with a teacher/master, you should not be on a “head trip”. Doubt and belief are all head-trip, so, instead you should be on a heart-trip. Heart does not know what doubt is; neither does it know belief, for the heart simply knows trust. Heart is just like a little child who clings to the mother’s hand, follows wherever the mother goes, neither trusting nor doubting, the child is undivided, that is why I love having children around me, and they feel the same in my company, for they know love.

When you enter the deepest valley of reception, then the highest peaks of consciousness can be given to you, for only a valley can receive a peak. A student should be absolutely feminine, receptive, like the womb, then and then only can a student really receive all that can be shared by a teacher.

When wondering about learning Para-Tan sound healing, the flowing questions must be asked.

What is the purpose of my life?
What makes my life worth living?
Am I experiencing real live filled with love?
This is the beginning of self-inquiry.

Without such self-inquiry, you are subject to the authority and opinions of others, parents, friends, and mass media, and so on. Then we have to release all of our concepts and ideas, anything we have accepted blindly, without question. Such unquestioning acceptance of authority is equivalent to allowing our selves to be hypnotized, programmed, and conditioned. Para-Tan Sounding can help you to find the inner strength needed to walk in the space of Love and faith, in yourself, thus exercising freedom.

Many westerners find it difficult to put their faith in something from which there is no tangible return, with Para-Tan there is tangible experiences, but yet doubt keep them from going beyond healing and exploring self-growth. The fear if putting years of effort into what could prove to be an illusion is understandable. The proof that this arduous task of self-development is worth all the effort lies in the emergence if self-mastery in your life. Para-Tan Sound can offer all increased concentration, freedom from emotional turmoil, growing awareness, lost of fear, growing courage, and inner knowing and security. All this qualities will pave the way to realization, and what so far experienced by many students is proof to all that the Road is indeed real.

In the western seekers knows too much, they have become too much of the head. That is why it is difficult to find the heart; there are many healers, writers, therapist and great knowers. They can recite by memory what they have learnt, a generation of heads. The last time I offered healers course in Holland, mid-way I knew that none were ready to be healers because they were too much in the head.

I feel some times whenever a western therapist approaches me from the head; it is difficult to communicate with them from the heart space. A person who knows too much becomes almost impossible, because they know without knowing. Such persons have gathered many concepts, theories, and doctrines. It is just a burden on their consciousness, for it is all borrowed, and all that is borrowed is rubbish, rot, so please throw it as soon as one can. Only that which happens to you is true. Only that which flowers in you is truth. Only that which flowers in you is true. Only that which grows in you is true and alive. Come explore Para-Tan from the heart, and you will flower into a beautiful being, always working in the space of love, this I guarantee.

Borrowed knowledge becomes a trick of the mind, it hides ignorance, and it never destroys it. The more you are surrounded by knowledge, deep inside at the center, at the very root of your being, is ignorance and darkness there. A person of knowledge, borrowed knowledge, is almost closed within his or her own knowledge, and hard to penetrate, then, it is hard to find his or her heart. Sometime knowledge can become too much of an addiction to knowledge, it is a drug. It like taking marijuana, it only gives you a glimpse of something which is not there, it gives you a dream of something which is absolutely subjective, it give you an hallucination of knowing. You start feeling that you know because you can argue, you know because you have a very logical keen mind. Do not be a fool, logic has never led anybody to truth, and rational mind is just a game. All arguments are juvenile.

Life exists without any argument, and truth needs no proofs, it needs only your heart, not arguments, but your love, your trust, your readiness to receive.

There are two minds in the world, the India and the Western. The India is illogical, and the western is logical. The India moves into the dark depths, wild depths, where there are no boundaries. The western mind walks on the logical, along a straight line, where everything is defined and classified. The western mind works into the known. The India mind moves into the unknown, and even more, the unknowable. The western mind is rational; the India mind is contradictory. So if you find too many contradictions in me, do not be bothered. It is just the way The Divine Mother has created me, thank Goddess, she sent me to the west for 27 years, this has also made me partly rational. Rational enough to share Her teaching in the west.

With Para-Tan Sound healing, is not just a healing art, it is a spiritual path, where by one worships the human body as the body of the Goddess and Gods. In Tantra even though it is said that the woman is the same as the Great Goddess of Tantra, no one worships their Female partner, and the Man as God. Para-Tan offers all a very efficient way of changing the molecular structure of the body, and those who have experienced the healing circles will notice that their face gradually get brighter, and the body becomes lighter. The face is the widow to the Soul - inner happening. The circles is only an introduction to what can really happen for you, but for real change to take effect and stay, one has to free oneself, and enter the space of void, into the nothingness. It is indeed difficult for one to experience this nothingness within one’s home and work environment that is why IFC has set up a center in India. We are offering monthly and three monthly programs in India. This training is only for those who really want to grow, and for one who can leave the ego behind.

Last year nearly everyone who came to India for three month, changed dramatically, they became lighter and more radiant. Even the children who were within the environment become softer and more radiant in the way they spoke and behaved.

Imagine attending the circles once a week and experience change, can you imagine what it would be like should give yourself three months doing the same thing. Changing the molecular structure of the body is easy, but sustaining the change takes time. I can guarantee change to those who earnestly want to grow and change, look more radiant, become younger, and to walk permanently in the space of love. Last year when I was in Holland, I offered a person who attended the circle to help her change the molecular structure of her face. I did not tell her my intention, as it was a feeling that I had, that it is possible. She went on holidays on the weekend that I was free, so I offered another. Within two day, working about 12 hours a day with her, her face changed, her lips and smile became straight. She looked a few years younger, after that weekend she visited the circle few time a week, until I left Holland, her whole face stayed transformed, as what she in now. To sustain the change she also came to India for three months, and now back again to be in India for 1 year.

There is a tendency in the mind to avoid intimate relationship with the teacher that is what becomes a barrier in taking the Para-Tan as a way of life. You would like to remain uncommitted, you would like to learn, but you would like to stay uncommitted. However, you cannot learn, that is not the way, you cannot learn from the outside. You have to enter the inner shrine of the teacher. You must commit yourself. Without it, you cannot grow. Without it, you will learn a little bit from here and there, and you can accumulate a certain knowledge, which will not be of any help, rather it may become an encumbrance. A deep commitment is needed, a total commitment is fact, because there are many things that are going to happen, And if you are just outside on the periphery, just learning as a casual visitor, then much is not possible, because what will happen to you within the world of madness? Mother is offering many new tools to help you grow, to be happy and light, and a chance to gravitate towards the space of nothingness. You have wondered for many lives and would you still like to keep wondering. Make a commitment to yourself, that growth is the most important, to experience and remain within the love space. You have experience many wonderful experiences during the circle, don’t you want to live within that very space all the time.

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