Yoni Healing and Empowerment Sadhana

Yoni Healing at the Mahavidya Temple TN South IndiaThe Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu offers you an opportunity to explore Yoni Healing and Empowerment Sadhana.

Let every? Mother To Be? heal her Yoni (womb), thus bringing forth Divine Children who will enjoy intuitive perception, endurance, fearlessness, cheerfulness, and adaptability in all situations; Mother Earth needs them

“The training or intensive will be exceptional for couples and women who want to have children or are pregnant.

Satguru Shri Param Eswaran will share with you how to connect with the baby within the womb as they did in ancient times using sound, mantras, and massage.

You will see how the baby reacts and responds to the sacred sounds of the mantras, which will also have a soothing effect on it after birth.

All babies born are divine since their connection with the universe is still very obvious.

Reverence to Women and Her Yoni.

Hari, Hara, and Brahma—- the gods of creation, maintenance, and destruction—-all originate in the yoni.”

From Yoni Tantra teachings.

“What use are meditations, reciting mantras, giving gifts, or Kula nectars? O Durga, without Yoni worship, all are fruitless.

The fruit of doing puja to the great Yoni, deliverer from the ocean of misery, is life and enhanced vitality.

Worshipping them, one becomes liberated while still alive; there is no doubt of it.

The wise man should always avoid the blame, disgust, or shame of the Yoni.

Whatever mantra one is initiated into, this is the best method. Devoid of this sacred trust, one becomes unsuccessful and therefore is reborn again.”
extracts from Yoni Tantra

The term vagina.

Yoni or the Sacred WombIn everyday speech, the term “vagina” refers to the vulva or female genitals generally; strictly speaking, the vagina is a specific internal structure, and the vulva is the exterior genitalia only. The labia and other parts would also be considered parts of the vagina in its common usage.

When speaking of Yoni Healing, we mean the whole being focusing on the reproductive organ or the womb, not just the vulva. The general practice is to massage the vulva as deep as the finger can reach within.  It is both intrusive and invasive for a woman who has experience abuse. With us, we heal the whole vagina and the navel and clear the passage all the way to the throat.

The miracle of creation during live birth, the vagina provides the route to deliver the fetus from the uterus to its independent life outside the mother’s body. During birth, the vagina is often referred to as the birth canal.


The vagina provides a path for menstrual fluids to leave the body. Women wanting to perform Yoni puja with their partners should purchase a menstrual cup to capture these fluids.

The vagina (from Latin, literally “sheath” or “scabbard” ) is the tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in females.

Vaginal lubrication is provided by glands near the vaginal opening and the cervix and also seeps through the vaginal wall (which does not contain any glands).

With Yoni Worship cum healing, we activate the glands via the nadis in and around the Vaginal opening.

From a biological perspective, the vagina performs the following functions:

? Providing a path for menstrual fluids to leave the body.
? Giving birth
? Sexual activity

The concentration of nerve endings, particularly close to the mouth of the vagina, causes pleasure to be experienced during sexual activity. Some women have a sensitive erogenous zone called the G-spot inside their vagina (in the anterior of the vagina, about five cm in from the entrance), which can produce intense orgasms if appropriately stimulated. Not all women have a G-spot that is responsive to stimulation, however.

With Yoni worship, all the nerve endings and the G-Spot will become activated, even with women who are generally unresponsive to stimulation. This problem is most prevalent with women who have been sexually abused as a child when they experienced shame and endured stimulation in silence.

Aspire to live a state of equanimity, where you no longer identify with sexual desire, by cultivating sexual desire into Lovemaking worship. In this manner, you can enjoy sex to the fullest and yet grow spiritually.

Special Yoni or Womb Healing

The Father of ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana, Master of the Living Goddess Tradition, and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India, Satguru Shri Param Eswaran, will personally offer the healing. You will also learn the art. Every male partner should learn this art.  When attending Yoni Healing, nudity is unnecessary, as it is a form of ritualistic worship using Bija Sounds.

It is said that “there is nothing more tender than Sakthi,” who serves Shiva in every way in his enjoyment, finally giving Mukti or Liberation, retiring from Him when He no longer serves Her.

It is time that the Living Goddess also learns to do the same and retire from him who does not serve her. The time is here and now when men have to learn ways of serving the Living Goddess or keep enjoying a sense of aloneness.

The way of the Mahavidya Priestess will support your Spiritual Path.

WHY A PRIESTESS INSTEAD OF A PRIESTMaeva Rouquette - Priestess training

In ordinary human society, man and woman represent Shiva and Sakthi. In the universal mind, time and space represent Shiva and Sakthi aspects. In the spiritual life, the mind and prana represent Shiva and Sakthi. In hatha yogic texts, these two Shaktis are known as Ida and Pingala. Ida represents consciousness, and Pingala represents the life force or prana.


Reclaim the Goddess Within

Mother Kamach Kanchi in KanchipuramIt is time that all women and men come together and work together to help reclaim women’s rightful place in society as Guardians of Mother Earth. Only a Mother knows the pain of another Mother.

Vanakkam – May the Divine Mother of Creation Grace your Life

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