Tantric Yoni Worshiping Sadhana

Tantric Yoni Worshiping Sadhana

Yoni Puja or Sacred Womb Worship.

Yoni or the Sacred WombWhen we speak of the Yoni, people think it means the vagina. The vagina is the passageway to the Womb. It is more than just the sexual reproductive organ, it is an icon of worship in human form. The time that humanity learns the hidden teaching of Yoni Puja or Worship Sadhana.

When one abuses the vagina, one abuses the Goddesses who reside within the womb, starting from the pubic hair. In today’s world, instead of keeping clean, both men and women are shaving their pubic hair. The pubic hair in a woman’s body protects the gateway to the womb. The time is NOW to learn Yoni Puja or Worship Sadhana.

The Yoni must not be treated as a manifestation of lust, instead as a spiritual growth and development vehicle. In Kali Yuga, women have lost this concept of purity of the Yoni. Pity to say it has been allowed to be abused. 

The Yoni is like a vessel; it receives and contains the energy from her lovers, good or bad. The energy remains within her Yoni for 5 to 7 years. When a woman has had many partners within a short period, the energy within the Yoni can be very confusing, thus affecting the psyche of the person.

Sexual Abused

In the present age, a lot of children are sexually abused. Especially when the abuse happens when a person is young, the person will have difficulties growing beyond the second chakra until healed.

Nowadays, people have become casual about sex at a very young age. Having sex outside of a loving relationship is expected. This creates an imbalance in the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies and will slow down real growth. 

Sex without tenderness of feeling can create expressed or unexpressed resentment, judgments, and various negative emotions within the relationship. Thus creating an imbalance that is reflected in how one’s navel becomes distorted.


All chakras are connected through a refined network of nadis, which are sound transducers. Primarily the 5th and the 2nd chakra play an an essential role in creating blocks and disturbances in the free energy flow within a woman’s Yoni. 

Spoken words come from the fifth chakra, expressing emotion within the heart. The voice from the fifth chakra penetrates the listener’s heart, be it harsh or pure sound. The Pure sound sends pure energy to the Yoni, which will leave the Yoni healthy and energized. Harsh sound sends harsh energy to the Yoni, creating negative cellular memories that can lead to various reproductive and menstrual disorders.

Cellular Memories

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana Circle can clear Emotional Cellular Memories. 

When a woman in an emotional stage expresses herself loudly will create a lot of turmoil within her body, and this expression leaves negative cellular memories mainly held within the Yoni. Her spoken words will affect herself in the first place then only the person whom she is yelling at.

The cellular memory can create congestion and knots in the areas, often resulting in cramps, PMS, ovarian pains, cysts, endometriosis, cervical and ovarian cancer, frigidity, and infertility. When the nadis and veins are blocked, the uterus becomes cold, and cysts are more likely to form.

Therefore the Yoni has to be kept clear of any blockages so that energy can flow freely, and the Yoni will be healthy and energized, making it the primary icon of worship and spiritual growth for both genders.

Key to a Healthy Yoni

Even though the key to a healthy Yoni (which is the whole reproductive organ of a woman) is in every woman’s hand very few use it. Clearing oneself from expressed and unexpressed emotions is the first step in
reclaiming the status of a Divine Mother on earth (Living Goddess).

Many women in the West like to consider themselves a goddess. Mainly based on the opinion of men and fashion. Without first freeing themselves from negatively expressed or unexpressed emotions, it does not particularity make them goddesses. Instead, they are just like robots being programmed by the environmental mental pollution of their local area of living.

To be a true Goddess, one must first have the desire to change. Then seek help to clear the old cellular memories and energize the Yoni; only then will she be able to connect with her dormant Goddess power within her.

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Sound Sadhana can heal.

ParaTan Yoni worship and sound healing can help remove old cellular memories and energize the Yoni, thus allowing women to reconnect with their true nature of the Goddess. All can learn to use sound to heal the Yoni.

The first thing that a woman will feel with regular use of sound is that her menstrual problems will clear, when particular attention is given to the Navel and lower part of the abdomen, it will help to clear menstrual
cramps, water retention, and bloating.

Sound can also be used after childbirth, miscarriage, or lower abdominal surgery. They will help the uterus return to its normal position and size.

ParaTan Sound healing can be effectively used to help women who experience problems of the ovaries, uterus, and uterine tubes.

ParaTan Sound can help in controlling endometriosis, which is cause by an abnormal growth of the lining of the uterus, and over a long period it can become non-active. The condition creates tangles in the small intestine, lymphatic system, and sacral plexus. ParaTan Sound over a long period can help the endometriosis to recede.

Frigidity or Sexual Unresponsiveness


Frigidity or sexual unresponsiveness is a complex problem, which is generally caused by emotional tension or problems with the organs, namely the kidney and liver. 

When a woman is sexually abused, it causes cellular knots both in the liver and kidney, known as emotional memory. This is a difficult problem to heal and may take a while with some, and faster with others. The most essential ingredient is passion for life and living. Then the healing process is easier.

When speaking of Yoni Healing, we mean the entire reproductive organs of a woman that we heal and not just the vulva. The general practice in Westernized Tantra is to massage the vulva as deep as the finger can reach within. It is both intrusive and invasive for a woman who has experience abuse. In Taoist treatment, they also use massage, but it is somewhat not intrusive. 

With us, we heal the whole vagina and the navel and clear the passage all the way to the throat chakra without being intrusive.

Quotes from Tantric scripture.

What use are meditations, reciting mantras, giving gifts, or Kula nectars? O Durga, without Yoni worship, all are fruitless.

The fruit of doing puja to the great Yoni, deliverer from the ocean of misery, is life and enhanced vitality.

Worshipping them, one becomes liberated while still alive; there is no doubt of it.

The wise man should always avoid blame, disgust, or shame of the Yoni.

Whatever mantra one is initiated into, this is the best method. Devoid of this sacred trust, one becomes unsuccessful and therefore is reborn again. Extracts from Yoni Tantra

The vagina provides a path for menstrual fluids to leave the body. Women wanting to perform Yoni puja with their partners should purchase a menstrual cup to capture these fluids.

Aspire to live a state of equanimity, where you no longer identify with sexual desire, by cultivating sexual desire into Lovemaking worship. In this manner, you can enjoy sex to the fullest and yet grow spiritually.

The Yoni is subdivided into ten parts in Yoni-Tantra, each connected with different aspects of Devi.

1. Yoni Mula is Devi 2. Yoni is Naganandini. Chakra is Kali and Tara, 5. Kuntala is Chinnamasta. 6. Samipatas is Bagala and Matangi 7. Garta ( throne or high seat of the Yoni) is Mahalakshmi, Sodasi, and Bhuvanesvari


Living GoddessWomen who are ready to become High Priestess are invited to explore who they are and how they can help to remodel the world that we live in. It is only through Feminine energy can there be cosmic balance. We need the Living Goddess to walk on Mother Earth Again (highly spiritual women).

Come to India, and Satguru Shri Param Eswaran will share Yoni Healing and Empowerment Sadhana with you. During the training, nudity is not essential. We recommend wearing loose garments made from pure materials, tie-string pants, and a loose blouse or shirt.

Vanakkam – May the Divine Mother of Creation Grace your Life

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