Yoni Tantra – Awakening the Sacred Womb

Yoni Tantra – Awakening the Sacred Womb

The two main Tantric symbols are the Shiva linga and the Shakti yoni, which indicate the universe’s main ascending and descending forces. They have many forms on all levels of manifestation. Understanding them is central to the inner Tantric Yoga and its transformative processes. While the linga and the yoni, on a biological level, are symbols of sexual energy, male and female, this is only a portion of their greater symbolism as the two prime powers of cosmic existence. It is not all that they are, as some would think, or their main indication.

The Shiva Lingam has three distinctive sections which are reflected as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and Mother's YoniUntil Today most Hindu women do not know that the Lingam of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva is within The Divine Mother Yoni. They only see Shiva’s Lingam exposed. They have never been taught the real meaning of the symbol. Most people praying to the Shiva Lingam presume that they are praying to Lord Shiva. And those who know do not speak of it. I grew up praying to the Shiva Lingam without knowing the real meaning.

This teaching was suppressed because it expressed the strength and power of the FEMALE RACE, which all depended on Her power. Most people like to believe that only the Divine Mother has power, which is not so with the earthly Goddess. This is indeed untrue, as all women on Earth have
the power, all She has to do is recognize it and then invoke her powers.

The Yoni is subdivided into ten parts in Yoni-Tantra, each connected with different aspects of Devi.

1. Yoni Mula is Devi 2. Yoni is Naganandini. Yoni chakra is Kali and Tara, 5. Yoni kuntala is Chinnamasta. 6. Yoni samipatas is Bagala and Matangi 7. Yoni garta ( throne or high seat of the Yoni) is Mahalakshmi, Sodasi, and Bhuvanesvari.Yoni Yantra Tantra

In Yoni Tantra, the Yoni is described as a triangular form of Mahamaya or Prakrit, which is the origin of the world, and the three corners of the Yoni are Brahma, Visnu, and Mahesvara.

Mother Yamuna (river) flows on the right, Mother Sarasvati flows on the left, and on the top, Mother Ganga flows. In the center is the abode of Kamakhya, who is identified with Mother Kundalini and Prakriti in the form of menstrual fluid.

{Different schools of Yoni Tantra list the ten wisdom goddesses differently. Those who want to know about the Goddess can purchase a book, Tool for Tantra, written by Harish Johari, or – The Ten Wisdom Goddess, by David Frawley.}

This site is about Tantra, an Indian spiritual tradition. The site includes texts on the Siddhas and yogis of the Natha sampradaya, information about kundalini, nadis, and chakras, and images of Tantric Kula Devas (gods) and Devis ( goddesses & god).

The critical point of this article is to point out to Women the importance of their birth in this Universe.

In the art of human creation, all females or males must come through a female; thus, women occupy the highest rank in the order of creative force.

As stressed in most Tantrik teachings, all things were created from Mahamaya, and Her Yoni, all the Gods, and all beings were created.

As such, all women will now have to take their place in helping Mother Earth regain her glory. “The Hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” In the old days, WOMEN ruled men and all that came under their domain.

To restore Mother Earth, Women must become True Goddesses. It is not enough to call oneself a Goddess and hope that change will occur.

In to-days world in the West, many women call themselves Goddess and are supposed to practice and Teach Tantra without having any knowledge about Mantra, Yantras, and the different Goddess energy within.

Their teacher taught some of them to activate their Kundalini without proper preparation.

Tantric Goddess, with the Guidance of Satguru Shri Param Eswaran, who himself is a Mother devotee, would like to form Tantric Communities around the world to help women regain their true power and never again be alone.

This community will create an environment that will support Women to reclaim their lost power through having loving and supportive friends.

Without Sakthi, there can be no life. As such, we need all the Sakthi of this earth to become true Sakthi and give this Earth the life it needs. The Sakthi of this world have been robbed of their powers and have, over the years, tried to regain them without knowing how to do so.

This struggle has produced many strong women externally, but it is still a struggle without inner strength. This strength has created many broken homes, with Men not knowing how to deal with the situation. Men still believe that they are in control, but in actual fact, neither parties are in control. Both are experiencing dysfunctional relationships and family life. The ones who really get affected by this situation are the future generation. As such, it is the responsibility of every Man and Woman to discover their inner self.

Until we focus on changing how life leads us, the foundation of a good society will be lost. Unless Women reclaim their power
and nurture and teach Men to understand their power. If this does not become the new way of life, we will not have a healthy world to live in.

By the year 2030, we will have more single-parent homes in the West, thus creating more disharmony in society, for the future will not have a healthy balance of Sakthi and Shiva energy.

I ask that should all help create communities around the world like it was in the old days before men due to fear suppressed women.

The Goddess’s path is the eternal method that leads to a harmonious society. It has been tested and adopted in all parts of the world throughout the old historic day, and in some communities, it is still vital and alive.

Most women either have no idea of the meaning of Goddess, or they have a total misconception. The purpose of this text is to explain the traditions
of the Goddess, its purpose, and its implications, and to indicate the role a Goddess can play in the world. We will also describe the system of Goddess that we feel is most relevant in this modern day.

This text would also show those women who want to become Goddess what to expect and the life they will probably adopt.

We are not trying to imply that the Goddess path is an elitist way of life or that a Goddess path is for the chosen few. It is open to every woman born on this beautiful Mother Earth.

All women are born to be Goddesses, and all one has to do is reclaim the knowledge. Unlike any other path, this path is the birthright of every

To take the path of the Goddess just as a mere whim or as a means to fame is a total waste of time and will cause much more harm than good. It could create physical discomfort and more unhappiness.

The Goddess path is merely a way of life adopted by women as a means to explore, to know, and to awaken the depths of one’s own being and to serve the community by bringing about change within society so that we have a better world to live in God, and Goddess are one and the same, and as such, sees no difference or barriers between female and male, to mean both female and male.

It is difficult to define a Goddess by external actions because a Goddess is really an inner attitude. For there would be no external attributes such as
robes or any special difference from the rest of society. The only external indicator is the power and the inner ray that would permeate the whole
being, which all would notice. And this will be the main strength that would help bring the change. When both Sakthi and Shiva are doing the cosmic dance on Mother Earth, the rest of the world must join in.

Goddess could be any person of any religion or mystical sect, even of no sect or religion at all, who wishes to follow the general purpose of
reclaiming their birthright, both women and men must want to invoke the Goddess within.

It is perfectly natural for a Goddess to be beyond all religions and particular dogmas. There can really be no such person as a Hindu Goddess,
Christian Goddess, Muslim Goddess, Buddhist Goddess, and so forth. Goddess should be able to accept all other religions as a valid way of life for some people and that all of it comes from Her. All should aspire beyond the limitations of any system. Goddess should be beyond the shackles of any one religion or country and beyond the confines of belief or non-belief, regardless of age and race.

A non-religious is equally qualified to be a Goddess, provided the person is not tied down to any bigoted dislike of this path or any other path. One’s
non-belief is perfectly acceptable, but it should not be harmful. One should be able to accept that another’s choice of path is a valid way of life.

Our potential for life is limitless. Very few people realize that they can transcend the shackles of an individual’s identification. Few are those who have gone beyond the limitations of the ego. Most people have not started to be aware of the vast potential for expanded awareness available to them. The will of the Universe and our Divine Mother has given me this vision to write what is written.

Most people only believe in what can be seen by the eyes, heard by the ears, smelled by the nose, tasted by the tongue, and felt by the skin. Many even accept that physical pain is natural with aging and does not grow beyond it.

This is like living in one dark closed room for a lifetime, always thinking that there is nothing outside, and as soon as the person walks out of the
door of the dark room, the person immediately knows that there is much more than previously conceived. It is the same when one starts to explore their own being, their whole conception of life, and others around them, and they themselves expand.

Let us try to flow with the river of life, and except whatever is, take whatever comes, and respond accordingly. This does not mean that we are
asking you to be lazy but to be compelled to act in a special manner by the dictates of dharma in accordance with your drive and personal traits.

We ask you to listen to your inner inspiration and know whether to act or

Should you decide to act, write to us. Should you need more information, keep visiting this page for more, for we will be adding to this
every week.

Please visit the following links for more information on Tantra and The Goddess.

Invoke The Goddess within

Sri Chakra is the abode of Sri or the Eternal Brahman or Adi Sakthi. Sri is the support of the whole universe. Sri Chakra is the abode or embodiment of Parabrahman or Brahma Vidya.

Write to me should you be interested in reclaiming your energy, thus being able to serve this Universe better. Learn to create love. Let the energy
within you express itself.

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It is time for the battle of the sexes to end so that women and men can join together in perfect harmony for your own good, the good of your
children, and their children to come. Let it not be said that there were significant changes in the sixties and the eighty, that some of us are living in the past and others caught up in the pressures of modem world of non-living.

Namaste – May the Divine Mother of Creation Grace your Life

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