ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga – an Inner Tantric Worshiping Path 

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga – an Inner Tantric Worshiping Path

Lord Shiva and Mother SakthiParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga, an Inner Tantric Worshiping Path, is both an art and science with a tremendous if not magical, capacity to transform our existence on body, mind, and spirit at all levels. This yogic science can awaken us to a radically different dimension of awareness in
which we can realize all of existence, from the indiscernible to the infinite, as aspects of our own greater being, consciousness, and joy.

Ready to transform your life, ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga can offer you a multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of mantra and meditative lovemaking that take you beyond the outer models of how Hinduism and Tantra are usually presented today.

Only when Shiva is united with Shakti does he gain the power to create.
Otherwise, the Lord does not even have the power to stir. O Goddess, as you are
worshiped by the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer of the universe, how can a
mere mortal who has no merit be able to praise you?
Shankaracharya, A.1

Many teachings speak about offering puja to Shiva and Sakthi. With ParaTan, we offer puja to the self or one another towards uniting Shiva and Sakti within ourselves as the consciousness (Shiva) and inner strength or power (Sakti) of Yoga. Shiva resides in the right half of our body, and Sakti is in the left half of our body, as in the form of Ardhanarishvara.

Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle that God is half male and half female.Ardhanaareeswara, Shiva and Sakthi as One. Our true sexuality

There are many ways of working with these forces through rituals, mantras, pranayama, yantra, and meditations. ParaTan uses bija mantras to create the correct frequency during its ritual.  The correct frequency help to activate and unite these forces with great success. The important factor is that it can be achieved quickly without years of regular meditation practice.

Once the Shiva and Sakti union is established within ourselves, they become our inner teachers and guide us along our spiritual path. ParaTan Sound ritual can take you to that point of Union. All you have to do is leave your EGO at home and visit our Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Sakti is an important principle, almost a mantra, which has entered into the new spirituality at a global level and the worldwide resurgence of the worship of the Goddess. Shakti is the prime focus of Tantric Yoga, one of India’s greatest traditions, which contains compressive worship of the Goddess through beautiful and profound rituals and meditation.

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga offers us a direct means to access Her power. ParaTan is a tradition that has never lost connection to Her Grace. Yet Shakti, like Tantra and ParaTan, is a commonly misunderstood subject. Shakti is not simply about sexuality or the feminine, though it includes these in important ways. Shakti relates to all cosmic energies and the union of all opposites. Shakti represents the awesome and cataclysmic powers of the magical Conscious Universe in which we live, on all levels of matter and mind, nature and spirit, the individual and the collective.

Shakti is ultimately the power of the absolute or Pure Consciousness, what is called Para-Shiva, the Supreme Shiva in Yogic thoughts. Shiva is the cosmic masculine principle that compliments Shakti as the cosmic feminine force. So any real examination of Shakti must also include an examination of Shiva.

The Devatas reside within the Chakra ParaTan is for those who seek to live in harmony with One’s soul purpose by seeking freedom from the Ego. Our spiritual and yogic growth is the unfoldment of the deity, the Gods, or Goddesses within. Yoga is not about the development or glorification of our human personality and time-bound ego but that of the eternal soul potentials within us. To look to the Devata or inner Deity is perhaps the best way to open up to the flow of Divine Grace. Through the Devata, or the inner God and Goddess, we access our true self, which is one with creation and nature. With ParaTan, it is understood that there is only One God, like the ray of the sun, this one God radiates.

With ParaTan, after one session, many begin to go into a deep meditative state, and some will come into contact with the subtle forces of the deeper mind and heart. At first, these powers may appear in the form of light or a current of energy impinging into your awareness in various flashes, vibrations, and flow. This is your initial encounter with Shakti, which is the energy of awareness streaming down from the higher plane. With some, it may take two to three sessions to experience the subtle forces.

These spiritual energies can take different forms of the Deities, God, and Goddesses –in the imagistic and symbolic language of the universal mind. Shakti – The background ruling power assumes the form of the Goddess as it has a feminine quality of beauty, charm, and creativity.

Because such deities reflect the infinite and the Eternal beyond the human sphere, they can appear frightening to us, or they can appear supremely
beautiful. These energies can appear with a human face and an animal body or the other way around, as a snake or a bird.

These inner forces can take human forms as great teachers and avatars or human-like Gods-Goddesses. Once we have entered into the stream of inner experience, their meaning will unfold and provide greater grace and guidance for you from within.

Agni Homa at the Mahavidya Temple, T.N. South IndiaAfter many years of doing Yajna, I came to experience Mother Kali more as a beautiful and gentle Goddess, who started revealing to me ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga, a Yoga for two and the collective. Help bring back collective consciousness from our present individual consciousness.

Our present individual consciousness has placed Shakti energy dormant, taking away from us the real blissfulness of life to enjoy nature and humans alike. Individual consciousness is responsible for wars, borders, and, most of all, the divorce courts. One in three couples end-up divorcing within the first 12 months, generally after the birth of a child. Individual consciousness is the reason for the divorce, for it is individual consciousness that seeks self-gratification and is generally responsible for offering a soul the passageway to our beautiful world.

It is time for humanity to come together and embrace ParaTan Inner Shakti Yoga, a practice that will enhance our capacity for collective consciousness. This is the perfect time to awaken Shakti, who is within all of us, as the Universal Divine Feminine is awake now.

ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga is the special Sastra for the Kaliyuga, our present period.

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