Adhiparasakthi means the primordial supreme power – She is the Mother Goddess who gives birth, nurtures, sustains and finally transforms allSakthi is an important principle, almost a mantra, and the worldwide resurgence of the worship of the Goddess. Sakthi is the prime focus of Tantric Yoga, one of India’s greatest traditions, which contains a comprehensive worship of the Goddess through beautiful and profound rituals and meditations.

Tantra affords us a direct means to access Her power and presence through a tradition that has never lost connection to Her grace. Yet Sakthi, like Tantra, is a subject that is commonly misunderstood. Sakthi is not simply about the feminine. Shakti relates to all cosmic energies and the union of all opposites. Sakthi represents the extraordinary and cataclysmic powers of the magical Conscious Universe in which we live, on all levels of matter and mind, nature and spirit, the individual and the collective.

Sakthi is ultimately the power of the Absolute or ‘Pure Consciousness,’ called Para-Shiva, the ‘Supreme Shiva’ in yogic thought. Shiva is the cosmic masculine principle that compliments Sakthi as the cosmic feminine force. So any real examination of Sakthi must also include an examination of Shiva.

Shiva and Shakti’s cosmic forces form the basis for the divine powers or deities that rule over all the different pro­cesses within the universe. So any objective examination of Sakthi must also look into the role of these deities, the great Gods and God­desses of the living world. ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga examines Sakthi in a broader context as the power of universal awareness. It explores Sakthi as the underlying source behind all the forces of nature, from physical forces like electro­ magnetism to spiritual energies like the Kundalini.

In Tantra, one worships Sakthi (Power), God in Mother form as the Supreme Power, which creates, sustains, and withdraws the Universe. God is Mother to the Tantrika who worships Her Lotus Feet.

  The Tantra, acclaimed as the great Sadhana Shastra, a practical manual, we find the great discipline of knowledge, Maha Vidyas occupying a vital part. Where the supreme is adored as the Great Primordial Goddess, the Tantra classifies the disciplines leading to the cardinal Deities as Dasa Maha Vidyas, the ten paths of knowledge. These deities are the ten outstanding personalities of the Divine Mother.
Mother Kali Puja at our Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu South India

At our Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, we have installed three of the Maha Vidyas and four Sri Chakra representing the other Goddess, as the beginning part of the journey towards self-empowerment, the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The word vidya is from the root vid, to know or to understand. Vidya means learning or knowledge and denotes the way to understanding, the path of knowledge, and the Teaching by Sri Shankaranarayanan, author of The Ten Great Cosmic Powers, Sri Chakra, and many more.

Tantra Teacher  Training and The High Priestess program’s primary focus is to help all know or understand themselves, thus promoting a stress-free life filled with love and grace.

We are one of the few temples in India that still perform Yajnas (fire ritual), the most powerful tool to heal all physical and emotional related illnesses other than sound. Due to the cost, most temples have given up performing Yajnas each morning; for us, it is the main form of worship. We look forward to training some women to take over from our Satguru.
Worshiping Her feet and the Mother of the home will produce better results. Thus, one must learn to worship the Feet of the Divine Mother within the home (one’s partner). In Tantra, women are known as Mother Lakshmi of the householder. She is the light of the home. She is the supreme authority of the home.
  There is no Siva without Sakthi; without Siva, Sakthi is incomplete.  They are inseparable, like the moon and moonlight. Siva and Sakthi are inseparable, and so too should men and women, inseparable. It is through this unity that we can bring harmony to this Earth. Let us together build
  this world to be a beautiful place to live in, through Sakthi Worship.
When we speak of Goddess worship, Mother Maha Tripurasundari is the Goddess worshiped as the Mother residing in our Crown Chakra. She is one of the  Maha Vidyas, and at our temple, we offer puja to the Meru (a 3D Sri Chakra), but with  Mother Kali, Matangi, and Kamalatmika, we have human-size statues of them.
Tripura Sundari means the most beautiful woman in the three world Mother Maha Tripurasundari is the absolute, all-pervading, beyond speech, mind, and even time and space.
  True Tantrik is the worship in and by the mind through the use of Yantra, Mantra, and forms. The form is born of the Yantra, and Mantra-Sakti awakens the form. Each mantra is the embodiment of a particular form of Consciousness or Sakthi. It is the eternal Sakthi who is the life of mantra.

Dear One, Tripura is the ultimate, primordial Shakti, the light of manifestation. She, the pile of letters of the alphabet, gave birth to the three worlds. At dissolution, She is the abode of all tattvas, remaining Herself – Vamakeshvaratantra

Sri Yantra, also known as Sri Chakra, is a complex sacred geometry used for worship The Earth Square or Bhupura; This mandala represents the enclosing walls or fence of the zonule of a practitioner. The Chakra Ruling the Three Worlds’. She has four arms, is the color of crystal, is adorned with pearls, and holds a book, a pot, and a beautiful lotus. Her Vidya is Am Am Sauh.

Sixteen Petals; ‘Fulfiller of Desire.’ Her vidya is Aim Klim Sauh. She is described as ornamented with all gems, carrying a book and a rosary.

Eight Petals; ‘All Exciting Chakra.’ The Sakthis in this mandala is called the Very Secret Yoginis. Her Vidya is Hrim Klim Sauh.

Fourteen Triangles; The Chakra Bestowing All Good Fortune’ Her Vidya is Haim Hklim Hsauh.

Outer 10 Triangles; this mandala is called ‘The Chakra Bestowing All Objects to the Sadhaka.’ The Sakthis are called the Kula Kaulas.

Inner 10 Triangles; ‘The Chakra Protecting All’ Her Vidya is Hrim Klim Blem.

Eight Triangles; ‘The Chakra is destroying all Disease.’ Her Vidya mantra is Hrim Shrim Sauh. She is described as the Destroyer of Poison.

Central Triangle; ‘The Chakra Giving All Success.’ Her Vidya being Hsraim Hsrklim Hsrsauh.

Bindu; this mandala is called ‘Purely Blissful’. The Yogini in this mandala is the Queen of Queens, Rajarajeshvari, the Very Red One, and her Transcendent Majesty Lalita Maheshvari Mahatripurasundari.

Her Vidya (Kamaraja Vidya) is ka e i la hrim ha sa ka ha la hrim sa ka la hrim, plus a secret 16th syllable. Her description is given in Vamakeshvara Tantra.

There are many ways to explain this mantra. Whole books have been written on it. Below is a short examination of its syllables Relative to the first of the three sections of the mantra:

Ka is desire or the creator.
E is Maya or the power of illusion.
I is Vishnu, or the Divine ruling power.
La is the power of bliss.
Relative to the second section:
Ha is space or breath-
Sa is time.
Ka, again is creation.
Ha is breath or spirit renewed in energy.
La again is bliss.
Relative to the third section:
Sa is time as eternity or totality
Ka is the origin and also the unknown.
La again is bliss.
Hrim repeated three times brings about a triple transformation of our nature.
Shrim added at the end is the crowning glory and realization.


“Tri” means three, “Pura” means the city, and “Sundari” means beauty. The three cities are the three worlds, – the physical, astral, and causal, or matter-energy and thought corresponding with the three states of consciousness, waking dream, and deep sleep, symbolized by fire, moon, and sun.

She is Divine love, the central motivating force behind the universe and the original impulse within our hearts.

This mantra consists of three groups of peaks. One must create 5 -6 -4 peaks when saying this mantra.
Her Yantra is the Sri Chakra. Now we come to the question of who can worship the Yantra.
It consists of nine interlocking triangles – four upward ones representing Shiva, and five downward ones representing Sakthi.
  Sri Chakra can be worshiped in a home as a holy article or kept without worship. It can be worshiped periodically when one desires to invoke Her energy within. One can also honor the Sri Chakra daily, regularly, irregularly, or whenever one so pleases. It is a very personal journey between oneself and Mother within.
 Just as a deity takes its abode in the center of the Yantra along with all its devata, you and a group of friends can also sit around the Sri Yantra in the form of a Mandala and worship it. The Sri Yantra can be engraved on a copper sheet or drawn on paper. In Tantra, it is repeatedly said that one is to adore the Goddess by becoming a Goddess.  The divine Mother is the very self of Atman, and not separate from it.
  Sri Yantra is not only the abort of the Divine Mother but also all Her powers and personalities. Mother Maha Tripurasundari rules the three sets of chakra in the Sri Yantra and all the triplets in the Universe. Lalita ( the Mother of Grace), Rajarajesvari (Divine Supreme), and Jagadamba ( Mother of the whole universe). Mother Maha Tripurasundari is the  Supreme Sakthi or Parabrahman, and her Yantra is Sri Chakra.
  Sri is a prefix added to the names of deities or persons to denote auspiciousness or holiness.
  A mantra that consists of more than 12 letters, and pertains to a Sakthi or female deity is called Vidya, not a simple or an ordinary Mantra. Mother Maha Tripurasundari’s mantra is Sri Vidya
  In the practice of Tantra, there are ten important Vidya, and the Sri-Vidya is one amongst them and is considered the supreme since it bestows fruits that all other Vidya’s put together could bestow separately.
  Where there is worldly enjoyment, there is no Moksha; where there is Moksha, there is enjoyment beyond worldly, for those who meditate on Mother Tripurasundari, worldly enjoyment, and Moksha are near at hand.
  So lovely readers, write to us should you want to transform your life and become part of a community that will work towards creating a Harmonious Earth to live in.
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