Chakra and their impulses as thought in Tantra.

Chakra and their impulses as thought in Tantra

The charkas are connected to a network of psychic channels called nadis, which correspond to the nerves but are more subtle. With ParaTan Sound Healing, we use the nadis to activate the chakras.

The Chakras are depicted symbolically as lotus flowers, each having a particular number of petals and a characteristic color. The lotus symbolizes the three stages the aspirant must pass through in spiritual life; ignorance, aspiration, and illumination. It represents spiritual growth from the lowest to the highest state of awareness.

The petals of the lotus have their beeja mantras or seed sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet, representing the different manifestations of psychic energy connected with the charkas and the nadis or psychic channels leading into and out of them. Within each Chakra is a Yantra.

“Mooladhara Chakra – key to cosmic bliss.”Mooladhara Chakra

 What happens between true lovers, like what happens between Mother and Child, is a unique process of the spiritual interconnection of the charkas. The moment lover cares for each other, the energy from the root chakra is united.  

The charkas’ vibrations in the lovers’ bodies create a unique energy wave around the room—that divine power of love between lovers. During ParaTan lovemaking, couples can enjoy a divine connection with each other, higher than ever felt before. 

ParaTan can offer you an experience that will be much more powerful than the process of sex as taught in the West. With ParaTan, Kundalini’s awakening process is more potent than through sex. The pleasure derived from sex is short-lived, no more than a few minutes, but with ParaTan, it is continuously felt during the whole process.
Sex meditation, as taught by many at most, can help an individual reach the level of physical ecstasy and not on the spiritual front. This chakra in males is found two figures below the testis and two figures below the anus and in women near the opening of the Uterus.

Mother Kali provides a blessing to this chakra. The Goddess of Earth is Devi Savitri, and the controller of the Yoni is Ma Dakini. Several minor chakras are attached to the Mooladhara chakra and function under its control. Some of the problems an individual faces when the nadis of the minor chakras are blocked.

1.No children, blockages in the fallopian tubes, importance.

2. Problems in the ova and sperm production.

3. Lack of connection with the values of human birth and still attached to animal instincts.

4. Sexual arousal, infatuation, irritation, and unstable moods sometimes. 

 Kali Maa is the presiding deity over this chakra. Tripureshwari Ma resides in the origin of the nadis. Mothers Tara, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Shodashi, Bagala, Matangi, and Kamala with the chakra, all the above mothers, are known as the Mahavidyas, the ten wisdom Goddess.

“Swadhisthana Chakra.”Swadhisthana Chakra

 Swadhisthana combines two words, Swa and Adhisthana, meaning under one’s control. The chakra’s location in the male is at the level of the pubic bone, and so is in females. And the energy in the penis in males and the ovary in females. This chakra represents the purity of love and affection. 

It is surrounded by water, and the calmer the water better will be the shadow of the crescent moon, and the better the love between two persons. The Moon, the planet of Love and affection, creates a sense of attraction between two individuals so that the two bodies merge into one, thus finding freedom from duality.

 Relationships on duality generally have a use-by date, most often only six months, when the juice of love dies off.

When the chakra is open, the one can feel the following.”

1. Will understand the intricacies related to the various births and their causes.

2. Will start using both parts of the brain effectively.

3. The inner consciousness reveals itself.

4. Loses fear of water and water-related phobias.

5. Become exposed to astral energies residing in the universe.

6. Become more sensitive to nature around you.

Food, sleep, and sexual gratification are common to animals and humans, the only difference being that humans have been endowed with the ability to lead a spiritual life. A person who does not follow the path of spirituality can be considered as equivalent as an animal. 

The psychological traits associated with this center bring out the burning character; shame, jealousy, fear, remorse, and disgust.

 Manipura chakra.Manipura chakra.

Manipura combines two words, Mani – (Jewel) and (Pura) Place. It is located just behind the navel on the spinal column. This chakra plays an important role both in the physical and spiritual realms. It functions as an Auric energy generator. Sakti in this chakra is Lakshmi Ma, here I would consider Kamalatmika MA an aspect of 

Lakshmi Ma. Lakshmi Ma is the goddess of spiritual prosperity Kamalatmika is the Goddess of wealth. This chakra, through the power of Lord Karthikeya, represents the power of youth.

The psychological traits associated with this center bring out the burning character; shame, jealousy, fear, remorse, and disgust. 

Manipura chakra has ten major nadis, functioning at different levels to help the Sadhaka to achieve his or her goals. These nadis have dual roles, one on the physical and the other at the psychic and spiritual levels.

Sometimes the navel moves from being round, pulling to either side. This is dangerous as it can cause many physical, emotional, and mental problems. The navel’s center is where you can unify your body, mind, and spirit. 

The Navel center collects and transforms the universal human plane and earthly forces into life-force energy. It needs to be clear of emotional and environmental toxins so that energy can flow in and out and feeds energy to the body, mind, and spirit.

The navel center balances all forces and is the center of physical gravity when sitting, standing, or doing Yoga. The navel is one of the energy centers in the body that transforms energy frequencies. In ParaTan, we use the energy from this center to help the body function typically. For ParaTan spiritual practice, this is the central laboratory and center of internal alchemy.

Navel piercing disrupts the energy frequencies and body function normally.

1. A perfect navel looks like a funnel. The outer region of the navel will be round and firm but should not be tight or hard. The hairline from the center of the chest should ideally end at the navel in a straight line.

2. Right pull, the lower rims of the navel would have a slight pull towards the right side of the body; this will cause problems with the kidney. 

3. Left pull, here the lower rims of the navel would have a slight pull towards the left side of the body, as there would be problems of the right kidney.

4. Severe left pull, downward direction; this will affect the large intestines.

5. Severe right pull, the downward direction will affect the small intestines.

6. Downward pull, the lower part of the navel being pulled downwards, looks like a T-shaped navel, creating problems with the rectum, caecum, appendix, and anus.

7. Severe Downward pull, problems related to internal pain, menstrual, urinary tract, and sexual organ.

8. A flat or outty navel, generally suffer from psychological and mental problems, and excretion of excess proteins and sugar.

9. Upper left navel pull affects the functioning of the stomach and the digestive system.

10. Upper right navel pull, frequent bad dreams, pain in the lower part of the body, coughs, and colds will be standard features.

11. Severe left and right navel pull, problems with constipation, prostrate glands, sleep, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, the building of excess bile, heart burns, and more.

12. Reverse T-shaped navel, a serious condition, as in such case the fire in the stomach rises towards the heart and chances are there that the person will suffer from blockages in artery damage of the lungs, rupturing of the intestines and more.

In all the above shapes of the navel, the nadis shows the pattern of damage caused to the body due to fear, anger, depression, worry, obsession, perverseness, drugs and medications, lousy eating habits, and overwork.

ParaTan sound can help rectify problems efficiently, ideally when working in groups or as a couple. Once the nadis are activated, it gives a glow to the face and shows the level of health.

When the chakra is activated, it provides many psychic powers. 

1. Knowledge of subtle energies and loss of fear of fire, from phobias to the benefit of fire. 

2. Evoke the knowledge of the cosmic plane and the power to understand the physical problems of others.

3. Provides knowledge of stars and the world beyond and balances inner elements, such as water, Earth, and fire.

4. Healing touch, and knowledge of the body.

5. Power to control hunger and thirst.

Anahata Chakra Anahata Chakra 

Anahata Chakra is located behind the Heart and implies the sound of Sabdabrahman; Love and care for others are essential factors distinguishing a human being from animals. ParaTan uses love energy to heal, transform, and help all on the pathway to self-transformation.

It is associated with the element air. It provides the individual with a subjective frame of reference, the ego. The psychological traits originating here are hope, worry, effort, the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine,’ arrogance, egoism, acquisitiveness, double-dealing, indecision, regret, and discrimination.

Anahata means endless, one that cannot be stopped, unbeaten. The chakra is responsible for correctly working the lungs and the heart. This chakra is the most important of chakras because it contains the ability to feel divine and pure love for everyone, and this love energy helps you find liberation from birth and death.

This chakra in modern society suffers the most apart from the navel chakra, with the navel; navel piercing can block the flow of energy. From a very young even though provided a human birth, one is infected with jealousy and hatred, predominant in one’s inner heart, and this causes a blockage between spiritual bliss and the flow of Universal energy. 

This is the most beautiful place to reside for the soul, but for most souls, this place of endless beauty is possible. With ParaTan, our primary focus is to activate the 2nd chakra, navel chakra, and the navel chakra. That is why we call it the lovemaking practice.

When the Anahata Chakra is open, one will be filled with love and affection for all living beings. The body will be released from various diseases related to the brain, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidney. The Soul, or one’s inner child, will return to reside in its right full home. It will also help balance four elements: the Earth, water, fire, and air.

Vishuddhi ChakraVishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi is located in the throat where the collarbones meet. The pit in the throat is the exact location of this chakra. This chakra in the physical realm is responsible for the correct function of the throat, vocal cord, upper lungs, mouth, and nose.

Governing the organ of expression and articulation. It is associated with the following mental trials; faith, joyousness, guilt-feeling, restraint, respectability, friendliness, sorrow, agitation, enthusiasm, and detachment.

When this chakra is open, it helps the awakening of the Sakti in the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna nadi. Your personality will have an inexplicable radiance. One will have the power to read the thoughts of others, and the knowledge of past, present and future lives. At this point, the Soul awakens from eternal sleep and provides the body with cosmic energy. One will also attain the power to heal, and be a Guru.

Ajna Chakra

At this point, the aspirant understands how one has created one’s own life, all of one’s pains, problems, and difficulties, as a learning process.

The sixth center is styled ‘all-round understanding, wisdom and is situated between the eye-brows or a little above. The sun and moon are represented here, showing how the planets significantly influence an individual. It governs the efforts at a concentration as well as states of trance. 

Two more centers are seldom mentioned, one above the third eye, responsible for all perceptual processes and dream states. Above this center is the ‘moon ‘center,’ and its psychological traits are all morally positive and constructive; softness, courage, perseverance, humor, humility, concentration, poise, persistence, emotional stability, and generosity. This is the highest center within the psychophysical system, immediately below the one outside.

Apart from the star and planets, we constantly absorb energy from mother earth, Mother Earth’s power enter our body and mixes with the Father-Universal fuel. 

Sahasrara Chakra.Sahasrara Chakra.

Sahasrara Chakra can be considered as the energy of the universe itself rather than a chakra. The physical nature is complicated to define. This chakra is arranged in many layers and has nadis emanating from it. These nadis, in turn, are connected with other major and minor chakras.

A Sadhaka who reaches the level of Sahasrara Chakra and enjoys the heavenly blessing can meditate for hours like all things that go up have to come down. Similarly, Kundalini Sakti starts Her downward journey back to the Mooladhara chakra.

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