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The Way of the Goddess

Om shrim shrim shrim kamalamika namah om , Tantra Goddess, Tantra
Mother Kamala
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SHRIM (pronounced Shreem) is a bija mantra of love, devotion and beauty. SHRIM is a Kamala or Lakshmi bija mantra, the Goddess of Beauty and divine grace. Yet SHRIM works at a deeper level than merely to give us the good things of life, including health. It takes us to the heart and gives faith and steadiness to our emotional nature.

SHRIM allows us to surrender to, take refuge in, or be immersed in whatever we offer the mantra to. It is the mantra of beauty and delight and has a pleasing lunar quality. It also relates to the head and can be used to flood the senses with divine beauty and delight. It promotes health and aids in fertility and rejuvenation.

The left side of the body.
When a woman recites her full Mantra, the become a true Goddess.

The way of the Goddess is a program that will support your Spiritual path." Get Knowledge, and with getting understanding"  Activate the Goddess within you so that living becomes a pleasurable journey.

It is time that all women and men come together and work together to help reclaim women?s rightful place in society as Guardians of Mother Earth. Only a Mother knows the pain of another Mother. Do not wait until both Mother Earth and now the Moon is totally violated by Man.

Stop fighting to be recognize, but grow to be recognized. 

Reverence for Women in the scripture.

I achieved my status of Mahadeva by Kula Yoga and through exclusive devotion to yoni worship. The demon Tripura was obliterated in times past by your yoni's grace. The Pandavas succeeded in battle by worshipping Draupadi's yoni.

Mahesani, meditate as being absorbed in the yoni cakra, with yoni on the tongue, yoni in the mind, yoni in the ears and yoni in the eyes. Mighty Lady, all sadhana is vain unless with the yoni. Therefore, reject other pujas and do Yoni Puja. Mahesani, there is no siddhi without devotion to the Guru.

The Kaulas regarded female gurus very highly and there were many examples of yoginis or female tantriks. In Yoni Tantra Patala 7 we find:---- "Women are divinity, women are life, women are truly jewels." This sentiment is echoed in many other tantras such as Sakti Sangama Tantra, Devirahasya and elsewhere. A woman is the goddess:----

"Worship carefully a woman or a maiden as she is Sakti, sheltered by the Kulas. One should never speak harshly to maidens or women." (KJN, Patala 23)

"In Kaula every woman is thought of as a manifestation of the Goddess. No man may raise his hand, strike or threaten a woman. When she is naked, men must kneel and worship her as the Goddess. She has equal rights with men on all levels." (Occult World of a Tantrik Guru, Values Vol.IX)

In both Kulachudamani Tantra and the Brihad Nila Tantra, the Kaula is instructed to recite a mantra inwardly whenever he sees a woman.

"Women are heaven; women are dharma; and women are the highest penance. Women are Buddha; women are the Sangha; and women are the perfection of Wisdom." (CT 8,30)

Woman is the Creator of the Universe.
She is the very body of the Universe;
Woman is the support of the three worlds,
She is the very essence of our body.
There is no other happiness as that which woman can procure.
There is no other way than that which woman can open to us.
Never there has been, there is, there will be
A fortune the like of woman, no kingdom, no place of pilgrimage, yoga, prayer,
Mystic formula, asceticism, wealth.
(Shaktisangama-Tantra II.52)

Naganandini, listen closely! Hari, Hara and Brahma---- the gods of creation, maintenance and destruction----all originate in the yoni.

One should worship the essence of Devi, the Sakti in the form of a Sakti (woman). Doing thus, a man attains the four aims of mankind----dharma, artha, kama and moksha

Tantra and Para-Tan

Indian Tantras, which are numerous, constitute the Scripture (Shastra) of the Kaliyuga, and as such are the voluminous source of present and practical orthodox "Hinduism." The Tantra Shastra is, in fact, and whatever be its historical origin, a development of the Vaidika Karmakanda, promulgated to meet the needs of that age. Shiva says: "For the benefit of Man of the Kali age, Man bereft of energy and dependent for existence on the food they eat, the Kaula doctrine, O auspicious one! is given" (Chap. IX., verse 12). To the Tantra we must therefore look if we would understand aright both ritual, yoga, and sadhana of all kinds, as also the general principles of which these practices are but the objective expression.

?One should perform the following acts in the manner shown by Me (Lord Shiva), initiation, worship, recitation of Mantras, the worship of Fire with ghee, repetition of Mantras, private devotions, marriage, the conception ceremony, and that performed in the fourth, sixth, or eighth months of pregnancy, the natal rite, the naming and tonsure ceremonies, and observe rites upon cremation and after death. All such ceremonies should be performed in the manner approved by the Agamas (85-86)?.
Mahanirvana Tantra translated by Sir John Woodroffe

Yet of all the forms of Hindu Shastra, the Tantra is that which is least known and understood, a circumstance in part due to the difficulties of its subject-matter and to the fact that the key to much of its terminology and method rest with the initiate.

Tantra, and only Tantra, offers are the experience of attaining transcendental union with a partner. All other system are yoga of one, where else Tantra is the yoga for two, so is Para-Tan.

It is the mystical union of ego and knowledge, Ahamkara and Buddhi.
Each partner must treat the other with the utmost respect and reverence.

Every man is Bhairava (Lord Siva) and every woman is Bhairavi (Sakti) Both Bhairava is Bhairavi and Bhairavi is Bhairava.

Each one of us chooses the spiritual food which his or her body needs, and which he or she is capable of eating and assimilating. For this purpose we have broken the teachings into different subjects, so each Goddess can choose which one to start with. Every participant will be given personal attention.

To-days Western science speaks of Energy as the physical ultimate of all forms and matter. So has it been for ages known to Sáktas, (worshiper of Shakti are called. Sakta) that the energy is only a limited manifestation (as Mind and Matter) of the Great Goddess who is infinite Maha Shakti.

Tantra is the special Sastra for the Kaliyuga, amongst the many Religions of India. India religions, or Aryan religions, be it Brahminic, Buddhist or Jaina. Christianity became part of Aryans, when adapted by western Aryans, Islam by Eastern Aryans such as Persians, and Sufism is indebted to Vedenta.

When one adapts the teaching of Tantra or Para-Tan, One is exploring world religion, teachings that is shared by all other religion. All of them have the same and a common teaching. (At the Mahavidya Temple in India we daily invoke Gurus of all faiths to offer us their blessing and teachings)

The Sáktas is considered a monist, as he or she either had spiritual experience or because he or she accepts the teaching from those who have had spiritual experience. This is knowledge received from one of authority, just as knowledge of the sciences. Both Science and Spiritual experience of the Sáktas can be verified. Revelation to the Tantra is not stated from above, incapable of verification below. She or he, who accepts revelation as teaching, the unity of the many in the One, may be verify, in her or his own experience.

When a disciple is ready to receive the knowledge, then the experience of her or his teaching can be experienced and verified by her/him.

In today's world there is lack of harmony within the human race and this is due to the lack Feminine Energy in our world, especially in the countries that promote violence in the world. Now, NASA has decided to us bombs in the Moon, where will Man's greed for power take us. For us to have a better world there must be a Balance in our society, and this can only be achieved when women regain their position in society. This can only be achieved when one becomes a true Goddess Within, and in one's society. To achieve this one has to learn the true science of Tantra.

Tantra is the special Săstra for the Kaliyuga, our present period.

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

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LOVE IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE and it is only through the light and way of love that we may raise our vibration and reclaim our inner divinity. Para Tan utilizes ancient sacred sounds to break up cellular memory and circulate Shakti aka LOVE aka SOUND through the body. This feeling of love is the orgasmic bliss of cosmic union with divinity within and around us.


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