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Come and EXPLORE Tantra - sexuality - emotional release - karmic clearing - spiritual - meditation - Jyotish Astrology - relationship counseling - alternative healing - cosmic laws - mantras - chakra cleaning - spiritual healing - sexual healing with Sri Param Eswaran 2008

There are many wonderful emotional release workshops out there, but when it is over they send you away to do it at home, alone. You know you need to and want to continue the process for it to fully succeed. How many of you have a place where you can really let it all come out?

Here is an opportunity to experience methods that have proven effective for thousands of years as taught by the ancient Tantric Masters. The key to clearing karmic and present lifetime emotional debris is consistent, progressive, guided emotional release.

India Tantric Master Sri Param Eswaran, healer and Tantra teacher, is offering a six week program using the methods of the ancient East and West for emotional release, resolution, healing and empowerment. In a supportive and safe environment, and with his expert and loving guidance you can...

Learn through Jyotish astrology how to work with your planetary influences to change Karma (for more information go to Astrological Planetary Meditation Page)

Release Karmic influences from past, present and future lives

Learn tools to maintain high vibrational frequencies (Kundalini activation)

Reconnect, balance and integrate your physical, emotional, mental, sexual, energetic and spiritual bodies

Love and honor your inner child

Understand and utilize the nature of cosmic, natural and magical laws to create a life of pleasure

Sri Param is a Tantric Master with over 33 years of international experience in healing and teaching. His gift is an ability to communicate the Tantric teachings to fit all diverse needs; students are treated as the unique individuals they are, thus there is no formula, no rules. His approach is holistic, incorporating the art of massage, meditations, India Astrology, numerology, health and food preparation. Sri Param uses each of these tools to reach the core of his students needs. He guides his students in learning these diverse aspects of Tantra. Sri Param has mastered the supreme art of Giving - to each individual he Gives nurturing support and guidance on the Spiritual path of Limitless Living. Sri Param uses the power of LOVE to entice his students into powerful, free beings who are aware of their place in the Universe

Contact us should you feel that this is for you, and we will get in touch with you

Tantra and the Living Goddess Tradition

Discover your inner Divinity via Para-Tan and the Living Goddess Tradition

Para-Tan Teacher Training in Malaysia


What a leading critic from Sydney's
leading newspaper have to say!

Sri Param the man, cook, cooking teacher, Yoga guru, philosopher, mystic …………….flirtatiously keeps his hippie nirvana in order…but this ain’t no counter-culture rip off!
Leo Schofield, The Sydney Morning Herald


A new Groundbreaking way of healing the self while enjoying Contemplative Love making.

"Love is like the fire; it glow is devotion, its flame is wisdom, its smoke is attachment, and its ashes detachment. When love’s fire produces its flame it illuminates the soul.( Hazrat Inyat Khan)

The alchemy of Lovemaking involves a deep knowledge of one's own sexuality, a total control over the sexual energy and the existence of pure and unconditional love. Tantra is not about sex and not about how many sexual position one knows. It is about self-love and the union of the Sakthi and Shiva within.

Lovemaking needs the combined forces of the body, the soul and the spirit as a whole. At the workshop you will learn ways in combining the forces.

Utilizing the Power of Sanskrit bija sounds as employed by ancient Tantric Masters. Mother Kali’s blessing and gift to our Master Shri Param Eswaran:

7pm to 10.45pm each Tuesday to Thursday , in every city that Shri Param visits

We use Vedic astrology during all the workshops to understand your inner impulses and nature, thus being able to serve your needs as efficient as possible. On registering please send us your date, time and place of birth.

12 participant per program, so apply soon.

Tantra Workshop Tour 2013
to The Netherlands, Italy, United States, Malaysia, India, and Australia

For workshops schedule click here

Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles: Emotional Healing at the cellular level
Utilizing the Power of Sanskrit bija sounds as employed by ancient Tantric Masters. Mother Kali’s blessing and gift to our Master Shri Param Eswaran: Para-Tan helps to connect with ones sexuality, and prepares one on the journey home, home with the Great Mother.
Introduction Para-Tan

For advance training one can enroll in one of our intensives offered in Malaysia or India.

What are the benefits of becoming a Para-Tan Healer?
Your spiritual growth will be accelerated and you will see how your life can be under your conscious control, filled with Love and Joy. Thus you can help spread Love and Intimacy throughout the world.

"Para-Tan sound healing a part of Tantra, used by Tantrika to attain emotional freedom, regain self-esteem, eliminate issues of grief and anger, and prevent themselves from becoming victims of prostate cancer for men, breast cancer and ovarian cancer for women, fibroid,  chronic fatigue, depression, menstrual disorder, anxiety, sexual blocks and other emotionally related illness

Last year a lady in Harrison Maine conceived a child within days of receiving the Para Tan Sound Healing. Apparently, she has been trying to conceive for over five years and has tried multiple therapies and treatments to get pregnant!We do not guarantee that everyone who attend the circles will conceive, yet those who are healthy can be helped, Write to us with any health need, and we will answer your question.


Para-Tan Sound Healing Intensive Workshops Schedule 2011

To host Sri Param's Para-Tan healing workshop in your local area -

 What student have to say!

Guided by the grace of the Divine Mother, Sri Param Eswaran possesses the rare ability to zero in on the personal issues that face each of us. During the course of one evening, he quickly identified my emotional blocks and provided me with the tools to overcome my emotional blocks, reminding me of what I already know but had forgotten. He gives personal attention to each student. The grace of the Divine Mother, which Sri Param channels, touched my heart and re-opened me to the limitless possibilities which I had been ignoring and to channeling the limitless compassion of Divine Mother, myself. Sri Param has a true gift to share with all.
Judith Jacobs - Healer and hypnotherapist- San Diego, California

Through Sri Param’s sensitivity, unconditional love and supportive guidance, I feel born anew, joyful and free.
Valerie Ellen. Spiritual healer, Yoga teacher, counselor and facilitator Blue Mountains NSW

Sri Param’s work speaks to the heart. He uses his intuition, bodywork and Spiritual experience to gently reveal each person’s possibilities for growth and joy. He challenges complacent acceptance of limitations by asking you to listen deeply to your needs and then teaching you how to start meeting them...all with a playful and loving manner
Kalima, 34 Spiritual Artist and Teacher Melb. Australia

I came from a (gunja) happy ignorance to a very happy reality. Param does not allow me to be blind, but directs me to know and own myself
Amy, 23, Healer - Adelaide, Australia

Since meeting and working with Sri Param, my life has changed. I found a new motivation for enjoying life, socially and professionally. Sri Param is always available at the grass root level. He has opened my inner-smile
Dr Antoine Durandet, (Anandaswami) Research Scientist

When I first meet Sri Param, I was heavily addicted to anti-depressants and was suffering from several other drug problems. In just six weeks I have overcome all of these problems and have finally found meaning and purpose in my life. I now feel happier and more alive than I ever have.
Damian, 19 Student

I went to Sri Param's introductory workshop not really knowing what to expect, but was prepared to remain open to what I perceived might be an unusual but beneficial experience. It turned out to be one of the most powerful synergistic healings I have ever participated in, both for me as an individual and for the group as a collective. After leading us in an honoring of the Goddess/God in ourselves and each other, Sri Param's caring and calm voice led us through a series of mantras designed to cleanse the chakras and allow us to release our negativity: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I was amazingly centered, aware and self-accepting at the conclusion of the evening. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in future workshops with Sri Param
 Lynette Hopkins, M.S.W., Ph.D Shamanic Medicine Teacher from Los Angeles, Visit her Site:- http://www.thewildrose.net/

This workshop could be available in you local area.
All you have to do is to Invite
Sri Param Eswaran

Key Benefits

* You will learn to prepare your body temple to receive and share Love the way your soul wants to experience

Connect with your body and treat the body as the Temple. The physical body is the temple of the soul, the microcosm of the universe. Within this temple are found all of the Cosmic principles.

* This Tantric workshop is a simple system to balance and rectify the energy of the body that has been very successfully used by Sri Param Eswaran’s students.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

The Mahavidya Inner Health Center
3778-A (TKT.1) Jalan RJ 6/11
Taman Rasah Jaya, Seremban
NS, Malaysia, 70300

Mother Center
Mahavidya Temple
 1/244 Killankulam village,
Periayur Taluk, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu,  India 625703

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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantra, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube

LOVE IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE and it is only through the light and way of love that we may raise our vibration and reclaim our inner divinity. Para Tan utilizes ancient sacred sounds to break up cellular memory and circulate Shakti aka LOVE aka SOUND through the body. This feeling of love is the orgasmic bliss of cosmic union with divinity within and around us.


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