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Tantric Sensual Massage to Activate the Goddess in Every Cell of Your Body

The methods given below provide an introductory knowledge into Tantric Sensual Massage. To master this knowledge completely you will need to attend an in depth massage training course either at the Tantra Teacher Training Course or Sensual Massage Training Course at our Mother Center in India. We accept invitations to visit your local city. Master Sri Param Eswaran needs to be booked one year in advance.

Setting the Mood
Create a loving atmosphere with candles, flowers. Make a sacred space to welcome the Goddess. Make sure the room is warm enough for your partner to be comfortable. Both you and your partner can bath just before the massage. Have the Tantric Goddess CD called ďThe Tantric GardenĒ playing softly in the background with chanting of the bija mantras to invoke the Shakti energy of the Goddess into the room.

Prepare the Oils

Prepare seven bowls of warm massage oil. Add 1 drop essential oil to 1 tbsp (15 ml) Massage Base Oil. Use only enough oil on the body to prevent friction. The amount will very from person to person depending on their skin type.

Specific essential oils to use for each bowl are indicated in The Tantric Garden Ė Sensual Massage Kit. To order kit, please click here.

Honoring the Goddess

Have your partner undress and lay down on the bed. Begin the massage by sitting at your partnerís feet. Open Essential Oil #8 and hold the bottle over your left palm so that 3-6 drops fall out of the bottle into the palm of your left hand. Activate the oil by making three clockwise circles with your right index finger in the oil in your left palm while chanting ďHrimĒ three times. Apply the oil to the bottom of your partnerís left foot. Do the same to apply oil to the right foot. Now hold the soles of your partnerís feet with the palms of your hands.

Say ďI honor the Goddess within you. May the grace of the Goddess be activated in every cell of your body and the shakti energy of Mother Divine restore your body and soul to Divine Love and wholeness.Ē

Opening to the Heavens Ė Crown Chakra
Move to your partnerís head. Sit in Sarva Asana or Tartma Asana. Lay your partnerís head in your lap connecting the crown chakra of your partner to your genitals. This has a grounding effect.

Apply Bowl #1 Massage Oil to your partnerís scalp. Start at the top of the head and massage every inch of the skull to the base of the neck.

Third Eye Chakra
First, dab your right ring finger into Bowl #1 and place it on the third eye (center of the forehead). Gradually rotate your finger in a circular motion. Next, using the ring and middle fingers of both hands start in the center of the forehead and rub gently toward each temple following the line of the brow. Doing the same movement, go up towards the hair line. Next, rub the temples in a circular motion. Each step continue to apply more oil. Be careful not to make the face too oily.

From the temples, slide hands down the hairline and along the chin bone. Continue with a flowing movement to the center of the throat and down to the heart. Repeat this motion with gentle pressure three times. From the third eye, massage down to the tip of the nose and outward along the cheek bones just below the eyes to the temples. Repeat. Always move upwards along the cheek area. Below the nose massage around the mouth to the chin. Massage from chin along the center of the throat to the heart.

Throat Chakra
Dab ring finger into Bowl #2 and rub gently in the hollow point
at the bottom of the throat. Rub the whole neck region from the center to the outer edges. Then start at the back of the neck and gently massage the neck with a kneading stroke toward the front of the neck.

From the collar bone massage the inner and outer part of the collar bone and the shoulders in a kneading motion as well.

Heart Chakra
Dab 1st, 2nd and ring finger into Bowl #3.
Place both of your partnerís hands in your lap up against your genitals to create more intimacy. Oil the right arm and hand. Then focus on massaging the palm and fingers. Now place your partnerís right palm between your cheek and your shoulder to hold the arm up while you begin massaging the rest of the arm. Repeat with other arm and hand.

Place both hands back into your lap. With gentle and graceful strokes with both hands move down both arms into the armpit and down the rib cage and then toward the center of the chest and between the breasts up to the shoulders and all the way down the elbows, then returning down into the armpit and ribcage. Repeat this circular motion at least nine times.

Start with the center of the sternum. Rub gently around the chest area. For men you can go across. For women, hold the breast in your left hand. Hold it up and massage in a small circles around the breast without touching the nipple. Using both hands and always cupping the breast massage in a circular motion around the breast. Then massage each rib bone. With women, you stop at the breast. With men, you can massage all the way from the center to the side of the body. On some occasions, around the sternum area, one may experience pain. To relieve pain, continue to massage the area with undiluted essential oil. After a few sessions, balance will be found in the area.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Dab middle and ring fingers into Bowl #4
. Gently rub the solar plexus area directly below the rib cage in the center of the abdomen with a counterclockwise circular motion about nine times. Then clockwise nine times.

Navel Chakra
Dab all four fingers into Bowl #5. Starting from the outer rim of the navel rotating clockwise around the navel and gradually making larger and larger circles until you cover the whole abdominal area using gentle pressure.

Yoni and Lingam Massage
Use Para Tan Sound Healing. Click here for details.
For this area, have two bowls, one with essential oil (Bowl #6) and one extra bowl with only carrier oil. Dab all fingers into Bowl #6 and massage the pubic bone area and moving down into the inner thigh area. Do this motion at least nine times.

Then comes the lingam massage. Use the extra bowl with only carrier oil. Rub it onto both hands and massage the lingam quite firmly with a milking motion about nine times. It is important to apply firm pressure as you are pulling the lingam. This will help to strengthen and lengthen the lingam.

Next start at the base of the lingam pressing the top and the bottom sides of the lingam with your thumb and index finger. Gradually move along the entire lingam with this motion. Repeat nine times. Do the same motion on the sides of the lingam the same number of times.

For the man to go longer without ejaculation hold the shaft with the left hand. While gently squeezing the shaft with one hand, massage the tip of the lingam with the palm and fingers of the other hand. Keep observing your partner to note if it is too intense or painful to him. Slow down the movement to reduce the intensity.

Now the yoni massage. Dab all fingers into Bowl #6 and massage the pubic bone area and moving down into the inner thigh area. Do this motion at least nine times.

Now use the extra bowl with only carrier oil. Rub it on the finger tips. Gently rub the oil on the outer lips of the yoni at least nine times. With the thumb and index finger, gently squeeze each lip of the Yoni, sliding the fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Then, carefully repeat this process with each inner lip of the vagina varying the pressure and speed of touch according to your partnerís preferences.

Then gently strokes the womanís clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Next, squeeze the clitoris between the thumb and index finger.

Then, the man inserts his middle finger into the Yoni. Much time is spent inside the vagina exploring and massaging. Varying the speed and depth of his finger, the man feels inside the Yoni up, down and around. With his finger and palm pointing upward inside his partnerís vagina, the man bends his finger to make contact with the womanís G-spot, known as the ďsacred spotĒ in Western Tantra. If his partner wishes, the man can also insert his ring finger into the vagina. Some women enjoy the increased pressure of two fingers.

The massage continues until the woman decides it is time to stop. The couple may choose for other sexual activity to follow.

The purpose of the yoni massage is to improve the health of the yoni and at the same time strengthening the entire genital area. The goal of this massage is to create an orgasmic state but not to entice orgasm now. By allowing the women to remain in a suspended orgasmic state throughout, rest of the massage she will experience a stronger and deeper orgasm later during loving making.

Each step of the massage should be done slowly, gently and for at least a few minutes at a time. Again, this massage should not be rushed. Both partners should continue to focus on each otherís eyes throughout the massage. Any step of the massage that causes discomfort or pain for the woman should be skipped. During the massage, the woman may choose to massage her breasts for further stimulation. Both parties must remain completely relaxed during the entire process. If at any time during the massage the woman has an orgasm, it is her choice whether or not to continue. Many women find that continuing with the massage produces several orgasms, each with increasing intensity. In Western Tantra, this is called ďriding the wave.Ē If the woman wishes to avoid orgasm, breathing deeply and relaxing as much as possible can help to at least postpone climax.

Itís ok if orgasm does happen. It is ideal not to prolong or encourage the orgasm at this time. The orgasm will be more powerful later when the couple is making love.

Leg Massage
Dab all the fingers into Bowl #7
. Rub the hands together to distribute the oil on the hands. Sitting beside your partner lift their leg from the knee placing their thigh in your lap with their knee hanging over edge of your knee. In this position the thigh muscles are more relaxed and you can more easily reach close to the genitals in a smooth motion without actually touching the genitals. Massage the thighs in a kneading motion. Massage for nine to eighteen strokes. Then gently lift the leg from knee in a bent position out of your lap and place the leg with the knee pointing up to the heavens. Hold it their while you move to the feet your partner. Facing your partner with you in the kneeing position, place the foot of your partner between your thighs against your genitals, thus holding your partnerís leg in place.

Dab all fingers into Bowl #7 and massage with both hands from the ankles upwards to the top of the leg and back down. Repeat this motion covering all sides of the leg. Then gently lay your partnerís leg down. Massage the top of the feet between the grooves of the toes in an upward movement. Also massage the sides of the foot always moving upwards.

Once completed move to the other side of your partnerís body. Repeat the same process for this leg and foot.

Back Massage
Dab all the fingers into Bowl #8
With the method of massage that we do, when you have completed the front of the body, the back will generally be totally relaxed with the spine falling into place. Thus it is only important to tone the muscles in the back so that it will retain the spinal position.

Starting at the coccyx , place both thumbs along each side of the spinal column without touching the spine. Move upward to the neck and out to the shoulders and back down covering the buttocks to the point where the buttocks joins the leg. Continue this entire sequence in a circular motion for at least nine times. If there are tight spots on the back, repeat again for another nine times alternating between gentle and firm strokes.

Using the finger tips, gently scratch the entire back without leaving scratch marks. This will relax all the muscles. This stroke is only effective in softening the muscles as part of this entire massage. If done separately, it gives pleasure but not the optimum results.

Now, place finger tips gently on back of partnerís left hand and move your finger tips lightly up the left arm to the shoulder and diagonally across the back to the right leg. Continue this motion without any stops all the way the the right foot. Repeat the same movement from right hand to left foot. This integrates the energies in the right and left sides of the body. It also, balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Give your partner a gentle kiss. Making love after a Tantric Sensual Massage will heighten the experience of loving making.

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Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
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Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

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